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As a strong proponent of sustainable development and green design in principles, practices, processes and products, DesignIntuit has created our “Sustaining News” coverage as a knowledge-sharing information “forum” around green design and sustainability in the architecture and design industries and the associated manufacturing communities that support these industries. At DesignIntuit, we want to encourage and motivate all contributing organizations to share best practices to help accelerate the adoption of sustainability and green design in their environment. We will be offering information, guidelines, insights, recommendations and tips for those ready to support and implement eco-friendly principles, practices, and product choices in their specific organizations and industries.

We will try to address all major issues including:What are best practices and processes? How do you evaluate and implement Green design? How do you find Green products? How do you evaluate the relative “greenness” of different products? How can manufacturers make our products greener? What if any, are the economic trade-offs? What are the opportunity costs of not going Green? And, we welcome any general input, questions and feedback, other issues that we should address, and additional information resources, that can help make our Sustaining News coverage even more informative and “sustaining!”



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