Welcome to BuildingDirections, our new front-page feature that we are presentingin conjunction with the launch of our DesignIntuit.com redesign, which is media rich with video, virtual tours, and animation. We are very excited about bringing the building community and its infrastructure into our publication. DesignIntuit is emphasizing and promoting “Design-in-Context”by highlighting and reporting on the vital, integrated and supporting contributions of our architects, builders, designers, manufacturers, and product champions in the “whole building” design process. You will learn about how the building profession is adapting to rapid change, from an array of new products and cutting edge technologies to new design innovations and construction practices.

With the confluence of the design,architecturalandbuildingtrades,anaffluentconsumeraudienceandmedia, we act as acatalyst in reporting on, and continuing to motivate a high level of interactivity,collaborationand community building among our constituents – the builders, architects, and designers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers, and others marketing and promoting products and services for international, national and local residential design.

And, the timing of our coverage of this industry is perfect, particularlyin the face of this difficult and challenging state of our economy, where the building community is witnessing it as an opportunity to re-examine their businesses and prepare and position themselvesoptimally in anticipation of a housing market rebound.

The cover for our launch features The New American Home 2011®, a dazzling and breathtaking show house, whose comprehensive contemporary design approach uses leading edge technologies to achieve energy efficiency and green design. The New American Home 2011 is one of the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) most successful and visible programs. And NAHB is a leader in green building. The show houseis sponsored by the National Council of the Housing Industry (NCHI), the leading supporter of the NAHB and Builder magazine. Since DesignIntuit is “all about Show Houses,” and the NAHB does a spectacular show house every year, we will be promoting and reporting on their show house circuit, industry standards, associationsand activities throughout the year. And since our designers are always looking for builders to do a whole house, we are excited about the many possibilities we can present to you, our viewers in the context of all components of the architecture, design and building communities. And, we want to stimulate public awareness of the importance of design within the framework of ongoing real time communication, interaction and sharing among these interrelated, yet distinct disciplines.

In summary, from architects who design the home, to builders and tradesmen who develop and support the infrastructure, to skilled interior designers and product marketers who design and “dress” the rooms, completing the final details, our viewers can meet and greet everyone involved in the design challenge. So, come join us in this feature section as we report on the “state of the industry:” new cost-effective building design and construction, news, events and exhibitions, exquisite award-winning show houses, leading-edge productsand technologies, energy efficiency, and greendesign– all major contributors to improved residential life styles. Our magazine, a media rich living vehicle, provides a visually compelling and deeper experienceby exposing you to all facets of the design industry from the ground up!




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