The 2011 Show House Tour
In 2011, DesignIntuit will inaugurate and host its Designer Show House Tour where exclusive show houses will be selected to participate in a media, corporate sponsorship and product placement comprehensive event.

All the news on the trends, designers, products and people promoted in one place for viewers to interact with, participate in,meet the designers, attend opening galas, win products showcased at the events and tickets to exclusive behind the scene events.

Participate in free one-on-one consultations, and voting for America’s best designers, favorite rooms, best new products and the top best trends.

Our Tour will align these prestigious Show Houses with the world’s top brands and their products. It will be experienced in a residential design context and later on through elaborate, interactive product showcases.

We will highlight the charities on a national level; elevating a local grass routes organization into the National spotlight to help them raise money and increase awareness.

Designers’ work will be presented in lush photography, some as the “design story” unfolds, others as a pinnacle of design standards. We will have rich media, live designer interviews, a place for viewers to tag their favorite rooms, trends, and designers in “scrap book” style.

These are high profile society events, where celebrities, socialites and politicians attend. And it is the opportunity for corporations to entertain their clients on a society level with social consciousness.
Advertising, Media & Events
We offer a unique opportunity to promote your organization, as we partner with industry leaders in PR and Advertising, developing joint campaigns that have earned us an excellent reputation and success ratio for our interactive media coverage of industry architecture and interior design events. Our campaigns, unique to each client, further boosts brand identity and visibility as well as audience reach and exposure.

We sell advertising space in our magazine to our partners, corporate sponsors, product manufacturers and other participants in our Show House Tours and encourage them to make their products available for use in the living spaces at these events.

Media coverage
We generate a significant amount of press and media coverage for each Show House Tour we conduct and have the resources and capability to manage public relations activities extensively for many of the Show House events. Our resources and associations provide us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, interiors, product manufacturing and architecture industry sectors. We access diverse national and international media contacts that enable our extensive interactive multimedia coverage of Show House tours and other selected industry events and exhibitions.

Special events
Before and after the official opening times of the Show House events, DesignIntuit is available as an additional resource for any interactive media, and marketing consulting services requirements for other special architecture and interior design events, industry exhibitionsand other venues. In particular, we capitalize on our Digital Media Solutions to integrate your particular event experience into larger-scale event coverage and promotional opportunities.

Targeting the DesignIntuit Audience
DesignIntuit attracts a highly knowledgeable and discriminating target audience: designers, architects, manufacturers, patrons, corporate sponsors, strategic industry decision makers and the “bottom line” consumer. For this target audience, we act as both a strategic and tactical “consolidator.” Penetrating the show house circuit, we provide easy, direct and discerning access to the designers, architects, suppliers of products and services and sponsors supporting these unique events. We raise the profile of the Show Houses! We raise the profiles of the participants! And, our contacts and strong relationships with a global media community combined with our own rich media solutions help drive our successful and extensive interactive multimedia coverage of the celebrated Show House tours and other select industry events. In so doing, we directly help significantly increase the rates of industry participation as well as visitor attendance to these events each year.

Our marketing strategy is further reinforced by the “hands-on” response from our loyal viewership and patronage of our interactive multimedia online magazine, The large number of “hits” we receive daily from our magazine migrates this target audience into a revenue generating business unit through increasing sponsorships, advertising and affiliate programs. Our strong media and PR “marquee” partnerships and advertising campaigns are effectively connectinga product’s brand andidentity directly to the consumer target market with an implied designer endorsement.

We have the reputation as the “Premiere Destination and Consultative Partner” by house and garden, electronic, consumer products and service providers, and automobile manufacturers demanding precise brand marketing exposure to their target markets. And, with our rich media magazine, gaining us entrée into the Show House environment, we have grabbed the attention and interest of the affluent demographic consumer and the architecture and design communities as a whole.


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