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Music Room in Grande Maison Du Pré
Maison Du Pré

Just off the landing on the second floor, the music room is situated on the front of the home and has wonderful Charleston harbor views.  Designer Maria Schendzelos felt that a neutral palette would emphasize the beauty of the architectural details in the room and make the best use of the ample natural light.  The placement of the sofa and chairs provides a welcoming seating area to visit and enjoy the music. The furniture and accessory choices are a mixture of antique and modern selections that blend well and create a mood of comfortable sophistication. Maria’s philosophy is to create spaces that are inviting, functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Morton James and Vita Maria Home Accessorizing and Design is located in Charleston, South Carolina in the South Windermere Shopping Center.  Maria saw the need for a design service focusing on accessorizing and putting the finishing touches on design. She founded her business in 2005.  In December of 2008 she opened a retail side to her business, Morton James.  Maria has over 15 years of experience in this aspect of design.  She has worked in both retail and private design firms. Maria is a graduate of the University Of Georgia Terry College Of Business with a major in Finance. She discovered that her true passion was design and has successfully followed this path.

Maria recognizes each client’s sense of style and personality. Her philosophy of design is that nothing stands alone, so every detail is important.”

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