Charles Pavarini III Design Associates Inc. is a full-scale Design Firm specializing in Architecturally-Based Interior Design: whether the project takes place on a new site or involves the renovation of an existing structure, the firm’s services often begin during the construction planning stages with a highly adept design team fluent in architecture, spatial visualization, and space layout that work in tandem with architects to achieve structural layouts based on architectural principles so that they are ready for construction. While many projects begin with new construction and full-scale renovations, nearly all projects are seen through decoration and art selection to achieve a complete Interior Design concept.  The firm’s work is widely recognized for its European flavor and very clear sense of style and sophistication.

Based on fundamental classical principles, Charles Pavarini III Design Associates blend historical elements and concepts in new ways that show a mastery of merging tradition with contemporary woodworking and cutting-edge lighting design. Lighting Design is a major component to the firm’s Architectural Interior Design scheme as it highlights the architecture and brings focus to the Interior Design through light and shadow.

As grandson of Charles Pavarini, Sr., Charles Pavarini III has reinterpreted the legacy of the Pavarini Construction Company, known for creating historic landmarks including the Seagrams Tower, the United Nations, the State Theater at Lincoln Center, and numerous other landmark buildings in New York City and throughout the world.  Charles Pavarini III graduated at the top of his class with a B.F.A. in Architecturally Based Interior Design, winning the Bronze Medal for Design Achievement in 1980.  After working as Design Assistant to the legendary International Designer, Ruben de Saavedra, ASID, Charles gained pivotal career-building experience, which allowed him the opportunity to develop his own design sensibility--thereby setting his own firm into motion in 1981, Pavarini-Cole Interiors, Inc.  As founding principals, he and Elizabeth B. Cole, IIDA, DLF, produced residential and commercial interiors in New York City and State, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Ohio. 

Pavarini-Cole Interiors, Inc. was a featured design team in the northeast edition of "Showcase of Interior Design" published by Vitae Publishing, Inc.  In addition, the firm is featured in "For Your Home: Bedrooms" by Jessica Elin Hirschman, published by Little Brown and Co.  Their installations are used for illustration in the interior design textbook titled, "Interiors" by, Nellson-Taylor, William C. Brown Publishers.  Their work was included in the 1989/1990 edition of "Architects of the United States of America", published by the Images Publishing Group, Melbourne, Australia.  Additional publications have included the New York Times, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Home Entertainment, Modern Millionaire, The Designer, and McCall's.  The firm won the 1984 Design Elements Award, sponsored by the resource council.  Charles was selected by the Wool Bureau to design a fabric and a coordinating carpet featured at NEOCON 1988 and later designed carpet for commercial production.  In February of 1999, Charles was featured on HGTV for designing a Music Salon for the actress and recording artist Vanessa Williams and again during the summer of 2000 for a dining room in the 2000 Hudson River Designer Showhouse. 

When Elizabeth Cole retired at the end of 1997, Charles became sole principal of Charles Pavarini III Design Associates, Inc. and has continued to uphold the distinguished achievement standards set forth by Pavarini-Cole.

The work of Charles Pavarini III has been recognized by numerous organizations throughout the design industry.  Charles holds interior design license accreditation in the State of Connecticut and is an active member of IDLNY, an organization that supports accreditation of interior design in the State of New York.  Charles was a charter member of the International Society of Interior Designers (ISID) and was elected to the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter for fifteen years.  During that period he served a term as President of the N.Y. Chapter of ISID and was subsequently appointed ‘International Representative'.   He received numerous Presidential Citations from ISID for his contribution and outstanding work.  Charles later became facilitator for the formulation of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and remains a charter member.  In addition, he served on the Executive Board of Directors of the Designers Lighting Forum for six years and is currently on the board of managers.  This year, Charles Pavarini III is a participating designer in The Designer Show house of New Jersey.

Charles Pavarini III Design Associates, Inc. was also selected to design the Salle de Bain in the 1999 French Designer Show House in Manhattan.  In February of 2001, the firm was featured on the cover of Phoenix Home & Garden for creating ‘Theatrical Interiors (that) Redefine Southwest Style'.  In the fall, the firm participated in the Abigail Adams Show House for the Colonial Dames of America with an outdoor garden vignette.  In 2002 the firm won 4 First-Place awards given by the IIDA.  They include First-Place for a Residence Over 3,000 s.f. (the project featured in Phoenix H&G), First Place for Product Design, (a cantilevered desk veneered in Fruitwood), First Place for a Special Function Room, (the Dining Room of the 2000 Hudson River Show House), and  the Designers' Choice award for Best Designer in the competition.  In 2003, the firm won two First Place awards given by IIDA.  They include First-Place for a Residential Single Space (A Music Salon for Vanessa Williams) and the Designers' Choice Award for the second year in a row.  In 2004, the firm again won two awards by IIDA.  One was given for the bathroom in the 1999 French Designer Show House and the other for Cabin 17 of the Kips Bay Show House 2003.  Articles about his work have been published in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Staten Island Advance, Camelback Magazine, 201 Magazine, and Sources and Design Magazine over the last five years.  Last year the firm participated in the 2005 Designer Show House of New Jersey with a stately Sitting Room and this year in the 34th Annual Kips Bay Show House with a room called Buonanotte.

During the summers of 1998 and 1999, Charles dedicated himself to academic pursuits.  He went on sabbatical to study product design and marketing under Massimo Vignelli at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  From there he studied Palladian Architecture throughout Venice, Florence, and Vicenza under Manuel Ponce León.
In addition to his academic interests, Charles' extensive background in theater as performer, costume designer, and scenic designer/stylist still plays an avid role in his life.  During the fall of 1999 he designed the sets and costumes for the Off-Broadway production of "Celestina", and during the fall of 2001, he designed and constructed the sets for an off-Broadway production of "Mornings at Seven".

Annual fund-raising events have also included theme design and execution, not to mention dozens of charity benefits to raise money for organizations like Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Bailey House and The March of Dimes.  For the second year in a row, Charles Pavarini III has launched the Kips Bay Annual Summer Cruise:  a fundraiser with Kips Bay Designers which Charles himself developed to fund the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club.

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